Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is a youtube commrecial We made for AKHTABOOT.COM hope you dig :)

Mewao (CATs)

This project was made for Dubai

channel last year 2007, a 30 episodes of cat bashing :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Control Freaks

It's for a show on comedy central , really had fun working on it

Wind Master

This is a project we made for Wind master a company that is specialized in "wind sports" those are the logo tests We made

Sha3biyat AL Cartoon شعبية ألكرتون

This series is for Sama Dubai channel, we are working on season 3 now that will be aired this september on Sama Dubai and soon on dvd's

season 2 DVD's on sale at Virgin Mega stores In the U.A.E

this is the style of 3d we're doing for the backgrounds

Samurai love god ( comedy central)

This is a project we Made for Comdey central, it's a 10 episodes show about a seduction teaching samurai :)