Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sha3biyah season 4 شعبية الكرتون

Our forth Animated season of Shabyat alcartoon is announced Now to be Aired on Sama Dubai This Ramadan 2009, I will show some trailers Very soon so stay Tuned.
the length of this season is 17Minutes for 30 Episodes.


علي said...

Can you tell me what software did you use to create the 2d characters?
Please I'm really interested to know.

Crazy Piranha said...

characters are drawn on paper and colored on ps

flashxboy said...

وأخيرا لقيت موقعكم
ما شاء الله، عمل قمة الروعة :)

بس عندي سؤال
هل استخدمتم برنامج Anime Studio\Moho
لأني عازم على احتراف هذا البرنامج ولكني لم أر عملا يشجعني على تعلمه.