Sunday, August 24, 2008

sha3biyat alcartoon 3 this ramadan

this is our cartoon series Sha3biyat la-cartoon season 3

it will be aired exclusively on SAMA DUBAI this RAMADAN

30 episodes, each 12 minutes.
hope you dig ;)


Mr. Cibait said...

hello there,

sha3biat al-cartoon rock! it way better than fereej

sama dubai really need to do more adv for it and a web page!

crazy pirana you should too =), luved almost everything you did.. wish you luck!

Mr. Cibait said...

btw, i luved the fat black lady loooolz (kerahtaak)!

Crazy Piranha said...

:) thanks, we're doing our best for the adds in UAE.
and the character name is 3attoga 2 pac hehehe she rocks.
thanks again'

AsOoMaH said...

5 stars!

Crazy Piranha said...

we love you too :)

miss 3awashi thani said...

awesome season. i'm really totaly in love with this cartoon ^^
i love bu mehaiers new voice (but not dhaym's new voice, i liked his old one better -_-)
my favorite characters are the teenagers gom amabro, hanafi and dhaym (i can't stop drawing him <3) and shambeh
inshalla many more seasons to come ^^